GRAFT TV Show is a 30 minute Health TV series which tells real life stories of lives changed by the Graft Foundation during the GRAFT HOPE PROJECTS. Each episode reveals the reality of how different People living with anomalies are stigmatized by the society and their families as well. Pertinent issues in plastic surgery and other fields of surgery are discussed weekly with “TOP NOTCH” consultants to unravel how some of these anomalies are acquired and the prevention and cure for such anomalies. It will also serve as an awareness platform and a source of hope for people needing plastic surgery but can’t pay for such services.

The objective of this TV program is to educate and create awareness about anomalies that the Graft Foundation encounters during their quest to change lives of people living in the rural parts of our country. It is also to bring to light the activities of the Graft foundation to viewers and to state that there is Hope for their conditions and the foundation is available to help.

The Tv Show will be Shown on Multi Tv’s Adom TV and Precious TV, GTV, and Top TV.

Release date will be out soon.