Realizing that you have the ability to change someone’s life for the better is the first step in joining teh GRAFT Foundation student Program. Within each os us is a given strenght and compassion that will never reach its fullest capacity until we commit to making that setp.

Junior High school, senior high school and┬átertiary institutions’┬ástudents will form GRAFT Foundation Student Clubs across Ghana and the West Africa sub region. These Student Clubs will contribute funds for the surgical costs of patients, as well as donate toys and school supplies for patients and families.

Through their combined efforts, strengths and compassion, students have proven that together they can achieve results. As GRAFT Foundation grows so will the student support for programs. Our vison is to help change more lives. Patient needs are great and the number of people who need help can be overwhelming. You have the ability within you to give a part of yourself, and to share your compassion with another human being. This is your opportunity to the greatest of your ability.

Wacth out for a GRAFT STUDENT CLUB in your school soon.