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Bringing hope to the hopeless

Graft Foundation

GRAFT Foundation which is an acronym for Ghana Reconstruction of Anomaly and Trauma Fund is an award winning, Ghanaian based non-governmental, non-profit making organization which seeks to bring hope to the medically hopeless and poor in West Africa by providing free reconstructive plastic surgery to bring smiles and reinstate them into society. Graft Foundation was founded by the Chairman, Dr. Kwame Abrokwaa-Yankyera, former Head of the Plastic Surgery and Burns unit of 37 Military Hospital, Accra and managed by Dr. Brainerd Anani, who acts as the Managing Director and Projects Director.

Over 1,000  lives have been changed through the Hope Projects and ECOWAS Compassion Outreaches organized by GRAFT Foundation.

The Hope Projects organized by the foundation has been held in all 16 regions of Ghana in districts and regional hospitals across the country.

The Ecowas Compassion Outreach by the GRAFT foundation has change the lives of poor people with deformities in La Cote D’Ivoire and hope to extend her services to other West African Countries.

Through the good works of the foundation, the chairman and founder, Dr. Kwame Abrokwaa-Yankyera was awarded the 2013 MTN Hero of Change and has received many other awards and recognition notable amongst them is “AGYA PA” on TV AFRICA.

The foundation recently won the HELEH Africa 2018 Health Advocate Institution of the Year

Graft Foundation was founded in 2009 but started operations in 2013. GRAFT Foundation is registered with the Registrar General with registration number G.28, 116 and the Department of Social Welfare DSW 5814.



Activities of the foundation includes:

  • Supporting the medical needs of victims of trauma from disasters, burns and road accidents.
  • Supporting treatment of children born with birth defects correctable by plastic surgery.
  • Support reconstruction for breast cancer patients and offer surgical reconstruction to people who can’t afford the services of a plastic surgeon.
  • Research, health education and awareness creation.
  • Instituting student Programs for high school and university students.
  • Production of media related programs for awareness creation.

We are Helping Hands

Bringing hope to the hopeless

Our Vision

To be the first and best Free Reconstructive Plastic Surgery NGO from Africa to provide free services to the needy in and out of Africa. Build an ultra modern Plastic Surgery Hospital to take care of needy patients free of Charge.

Our Mission
  • Support the medical needs of victims of trauma from disasters, burns and road accidents .
  • Support treatment of children born with birth defects correctable by plastic surgery.
  • Support Reconstruction for Mastectomy ( Breast Cancer Amputation ) Patient.
  • Medical education and research.
  • Investments to support delivery and promotion of health.

Regions Served

No of Projects

Surgeries Performed

Smiles Created

Why Support Us?

Reconstructive Plastic Surgeries in Ghana is very expensive. The lesser number of plastic surgeons in the country tells how expensive it cost a patient to get the services of a plastic surgeon. Many people living in most rural areas cannot afford the services of these surgeon thus GRAFT foundation is keenly bent on offering free surgeries to the poor and underprivileged in the society and also makes their lives better in the society. GRAFT foundation seeks to take the financial burden of these poor individuals.

Patients are provided with drugs and consumables during surgeries at no charge and in some extreme cases, are fed, accommodated and transported to their various locations during Projects.

GRAFT Foundation provides sponsorship for training of surgeons, theatre nurses, recovery nurses, anaesthetist and other non-medical personnel for free. In partnership with Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation in Taiwan, GRAFT Foundation sends medical team members there to upgrade their skills in various fields to help the medical needs of the Ghanaian populace and our neighbouring countries.

GRAFT foundation is also in partnership with Smiletrain organize training programs and seminars on cleft care for all it team members and also a few selected volunteers to travel out to experience cleft care in other countries.

GRAFT foundation is the first and only indigenous charity in Ghana and West Africa that offers free plastic surgery for multiple anomalies. There are other Charities in Ghana that offer free surgeries but are limited to either cleft or hypospadia but GRAFT offers surgeries for all anomalies and deformities that need plastic correction.

GRAFT Foundation believes in Knowledge transfer. Through its volunteering service, personnel and staff in rural hospitals where we work are given the opportunity to join the GRAFT Foundation team as they work. This gives them the opportunity to work with the finest professionals and learn from them. This equips the staff to do more after GRAFT team members and they are in a better position to handle post operative anomalies after surgeries.

Patients are given quality care before, during, and after  surgeries. Our patient support system is one of the best in the country as our patients naturally become a part of the bigger GRAFT Family. Patients are supported with free drugs, feeding and accommodation during time spent with the GRAFT Foundation. Very needy patients who need aftercare are transferred to base hospitals where their follow-up surgeries and aftercare is paid for fully by the GRAFT Foundation.



GRAFT Foundation volunteers are the most special people in the world. Give out your skills and time by joining us change lives. You may help a malnourished baby born with cleft palate, someone suffering from a post burn contructure or an individual struggling with a disfiguring tumor. You might might even have the opportunity of serving in the theatre room or you may be onboard to support those doing this lifesaving work. Are you ready? Then join us for a life-changing experience on as we travel across Ghana and West Africa.