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Volunteers are persons who freely enlist for a service.  Their work can be full time or part time. The Graft Foundation Volunteer is as important to the Organization as any other team member, paid or unpaid. We rely on volunteers to accomplish our mission and objectives in areas such as data collection, public education and advocacy, as well as the provision of special services.The Graft Foundation Volunteer, with expertise, provides an avenue to accomplish tasks while reducing cost of operation. This is important especially because of Graft Foundation not-for-profit orientation.Graft Foundation accepts and encourages the involvement of volunteers at all levels of the Organization and within all appropriate programs and activities.For people who seek an exciting and fulfilling voluntary service, Graft Foundation provides diverse opportunities through our high impact projects and programs.

To be a volunteer in Graft Foundation, one must be of value to the organization. The following guide our admittance of volunteers:

  1. You must fill and submit the form below
  2. All applicant must send their CV to graft.foundation@yahoo.com
  3. Applicants will be interviewed before appointment.
  4. The duration of service will be reviewed periodically based on performance and adherence to organization’s ethics.
  5. You must be in the position to support yourself during the service period.
  6. Duties and/or responsibilities of the volunteer will be spelt out before the start of the service.
  7. Volunteers will serve at different levels

(a) free service only

(b) free service + donor/sponsor

(c) donor/sponsor or partner.

Upload CV input.