Dr. Caroline Tetteyfio – Koney

Dr. Caroline Tetteyfio – Koney
Head Anaesthetiologist

Referred to as the Mother of the team. Dr. Tetteyfio-Koney is a consultant anesthesiologist who was the officer-in-charge (Head Of Dept) of the Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care, 37 Military Hospital. She was also the Director of the School of Anaesthesia (Training of Nurse Anaesthetist Or Pysician Assistants), 37 Military Hospital till she retired from public service in 2021. She is now the head of Anaesthesia and Critical Care at the Nyaho Medical Centre. She's very passionate about her work and will not rest until the last patient is off the theatre bed.

Location: Accra
Experience: Over 30 years experience in Anaesthesia related fields
Hobby: Surfing the internet, reading, games, music