Ways to give

Sponsor a Patient

Take a bold step of sponsoring a needy patient for his / her surgery.

Choose any of the patients in the link provided and support or sponsor a the surgery of the patients. Most patients cannot afford to pay for their surgeries and have to wait for surgical outreaches with no guarantee they will be selected.

Cost of surgeries range between Ghc 5,000 to 50,000 depending on condition. Kindly reach out to support any of these needy patients.

Operation GHc 10 a Month

Operation GHS 10 a month, gives opportunities to individuals to send GHS 10 or more monthly to GRAFT Foundation to support the foundation pay for the surgical bills of needy patients that will be operated outside the Hope Projects organized yearly by the Foundation.

These are monthly commitment an Individual makes as his support for patients who need surgery but were not selected during the surgical outreaches the foundation organises.

Souvenirs / Gifts

Support the GRAFT Foundation by purchasing our quality souvenirs in the forms of T’Shirts, Polo Shirt’s, Handbands, bracelets, Polo Caps, etc.

With every souvenir you purchase, a tumor, contracture or a cleft lip would get closer to being repaired. Support a needy patient as you buy any of these items.

Items bought will be delivered to you after purchase made.


Support Details

GCB Bank  
Account No: 1141130009080
Branch: Osu

Name: Dr Brainerd Anani
Mobile No: 0242 653 449
(Managing Director)